About Us

Wallflower is all about showcasing the beauty of nature, only here we like to do things differently. Whether it’s putting strawberries in your bouquet or encasing them in ice cream cones, there’s no idea that’s too wacky. In fact Wallflower is all about experimenting with floral design to create new and beautiful arrangements, bouquets and installations.

This love story with flora began in 2013 when Renae Handy founded Wallflower. The shop opened in Brisbane’s Sandgate in 2015 and has been flourishing in this local community and beyond ever since.

We specialise in weddings, gifts and events and love creating bespoke designs for customers. We would love to work with you and make your floral dream a reality. Leave us a message below or phone us.

Wallflower has featured in:

  • Hello May blog
  • (add other publications/features here).
  • Tesselaars First Prize, Flowers to Wear Competition